A new concept in hospital beds

RTS’s Integrated Hospital Beds Management follows the concept of shared economy, in which instead of purchasing a product, you acquire its benefits.
In this model, you keep hospital beds always in operation, with updated technology and in the format that best suits your health unit, thus ensuring the best results.

Discover the benefits of this new model:

The Technology

• Installed machinery with the latest generation of technology.
• For hospitalization areas, rehabilitation, UCIs and surgery centers.
• Maintenance with original parts guaranteed.

The operation

• Our operational team is formed with health-care professionals.
• The customer-service is personal and unique, be it in person or remote.
• Flexibility in the quantity and configuration of the hospital beds.
• We are equipped with different distribution centers for quick deliveries according to demand.

The Experience

• Control and replenishment of inputs (disposable) and accessories.
• Preventive and corrective maintenance, with equipment replacement in up to 48 hours.
• Continuous education of the health-care professionals and users of the equipment.
• Standardization of equipment and training, reducing risks.

The Business

• Flexibility regarding the format of contracting.
• Cost previsibility that fits demand and revenue.
• Initial investment made by RTS, with immediate return to the client and monthly return to the investor.
• Great cost-benefit relation.